A niche video studio located on the upper north shore.





We don’t just provide a camera and shoot! We produce your show, direct your webinar, organise talent, presenters, and actors, arrange site permits, organise catering, organise your set, arrange your audience and whatever else your production needs.

We work with your idea, help write your script, create your visual concept.

We help businesses get their message to their clients by making high broadcast quality media accessible.

Video is the “all important” for social media’s algorithms.

We create broadcast quality media for any purpose from show concepts, interviews, webinars, webcasting, advertising, social media, or viral content.

Call us for your free consultation to discuss how we can help you put your project in to reality.

We work with professionals to produce media content from still imagery, video production and audio production for your business.  From small single camera shoots to multi-camera live streaming and television style productions.

We can record, edit, live stream, and webcast your business presentations, media releases or meetings. Help you create business specific webinars, social media, or website content. Help your organisation produce training presentations, educational series, conference presentations, TED style talks, staff training, product training and the list goes on.

You may want a portfolio of images, maybe studio or product photography, perhaps a studio to stream your brand channel from or a multitude of other functions we can help you with.

Have a look through our site, find what you would like some help with and call for a free consultation.

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We provide the best deals for an aspiring professional’s portfolio.

We provide a relaxed environment and an organic structure to work with you to get the best images of you to promote yourself with.

We offer an in-studio shoot, on location shoot and a combination of both.


Single or multi camera, captured, edited, produced, or streamed live.

In studio or on location. We aim at social media feeds, website video production or B2B video production, web streaming, webinars, or training videos.


We have a studio area for use with videography and photography. We use both LED Monoblock’s and industry quality flash lighting, these can be used for both moving and stills imagery.

We can provide single colour backdrops, green screen, blue screen, and vinyl scenery.